Introduction- Indo Canadian Arts &Culture initiative (ICACI)

Founded in 2014 as a non-profit organization, the Indo-Canadian Arts and Culture Initiative (ICACI) is a registered organization dedicated to guiding members of the community to personal and professional success through participation in events, workshops and other cultural and community activities.

Our exciting programs gives people from all walks of life within the community an opportunity to create experience and excel in their chosen profession and showcase their talent at the same time give back to the community.

Mokshi Virk, the founding Director of ICACI has been organizing Celebrating Womanhood Gala and Award Night to celebrate International Woman’s Day for the past seven years, giving Woman Hero Awards to members of the community who in their own way have contributed to social development and philanthropic activities within the community. Through this event and award function, Mokshi has tried to honour and support women of the Indo Canadian origin, thus establishing them as role models and paving walkways for future generations. Mokshi works tirelessly with the community to promote artists, youth and women. 

ICACI organized Culture day in 2017 in which different cultures were showcased with dance performances and an art workshops and exhibition with well-known local artists in the city of Mississauga. Author and Artist Meena Chopra, an internationally known award winning poet & visual artist conducted a workshop on Mandala art form.

ICACI Celebrated Vaisakhi in 2019 as a harvest festival and New Year celebration, as it also recognizes the founding of the Sikh community. It originated in the Punjab region (the northern part) of India, but is celebrated in Sikh communities around the world. This event was an attempt to celebrate Arts & Culture with our multicultural communities in GTA. In this event, the artists and performers showcased traditional dance performances like bhangra & gidda, in addition to providing an opportunity for networking and socializing with family & friends.

ICACI collaborated and hosted annual Multicultural Fest at the Brampton in 2019 with GTA West Community Health Services. At this event, fifteen different cultures were showcased through performances and booths. The vision was to share insight about the diversity of Canada, our beautiful country. The purpose of the festival was to bring the community together to exchange information about cultures through food, arts, sports and entertainment.

Many prominent personalities from the GTA were invited to participate and exchange their views.  Mainstream and ethnic media covered the event that showcased multiculturalism in Canada.

ICACI has been organizing Food donation drive around Christmas time since 2018 to help support the local food banks. This year ICACI organized a “Food Donation Drive” to help new immigrants, students and seniors during the COVID 19 pandemic situation.

Besides organizing Community events, ICACI has been coordinating youth and newcomer workshops with experienced speakers who share wealth of knowledge with the participants including workshops on career counseling for youth, mental health and other issues besides business networking events to support small business owners.

ICACI organized a special online webinar on mental health issues faced by women and youth during COVID 19 in July 2020 to discuss various issues with experienced specialists.

ICACI believes in supporting Arts and Culture and creating opportunities for women, youth and newcomers. Our aim is to provide everyone with the opportunity and support that would enable him or her to showcase their talent and achieve excellence in their field of expertise. ICACI has grown their network primarily through partnerships and collaborations. ICACI has been working at the grassroots level to support the South Asian community and has helped numerous people understand how to use their gifts and talents to give back to community and find purpose in their lives.


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